Leanne Pilgrim, MA

FOUNDER/parent coach

Leanne Pilgrim has a master’s degree in clinical psychology and worked as a clinician in the state of Kentucky for over 5 years helping children heal from various forms of trauma before becoming a professional parent coach. Although Leanne Pilgrim loved providing clinical services, she wanted to take her career in a different direction while continuing to do something with her passion for helping children and families in the community. This is why Leanne Pilgrim chose to offer parent coaching services – she still gets the satisfaction of helping families come together but in a much different way.

Leanne Pilgrim has known that she wanted to work with children and families for as long as she can remember and has been doing so in some form or fashion for over a decade. She specializes in disruptive behaviors – meaning the bigger the tantrum the better – and never shies away from a challenge!  Leanne Pilgrim has never met a child with whom she couldn’t connect. She believes that all families are capable of achieving the goals they set for themselves and is honored to help assist with this through the parent coaching services she provides. Parents are the biggest influence in a child’s life and if they are given the right tools they can help shape their child into a happy and healthy adult.

Choose Leanne Pilgrim as your personal parent coach and you won’t be disappointed! Want more information on parent coaching? Check out the ‘Parent Coaching Services’ page to see if parent coaching is right for you!