Why Parent Coaching?


Parent coaching is a service that is increasing in popularity but not everyone knows what a parent coach does. Let me help you out. A parent coach is a professional who has extensive knowledge or training in child development and how to manage difficult childhood behaviors. Parent coaches work primarily with the parent but will engage the child if needed.

Parent coaches are helpful because every single parent encounters challenging behaviors or developmental stages at some point. There are so many different techniques out there but not all of them are created equal. Most parents don’t have time to read through the different philosophies or know how to tell whether or not a technique will be effective. Rather than spending hours researching or weeks trying ineffective techniques, parents are now hiring parent coaches to help.

Most parent coaches provide face-to-face services but you can also have sessions via video chat, phone, text, etc. Your initial session is a chance to talk about the issues you are having in the home. You will give your coach plenty of information for them to get an idea of what’s really going on in the family dynamic. You and your parent coach will then work together to develop a personalized coaching plan with goals for your time together.


Parent coaches help with a variety of different behaviors or challenges. You may choose to hire a parent coach if you have a child that throws major tantrums or is extremely defiant. You may choose to hire a parent coach if you have a picky eater or a bully on your hands. You could have recently split with your co-parent and need help navigating this new dynamic or you might just need help adjusting to your role as a parent after having a new baby. There are many different reasons why you might choose to hire a parent coach and you can check out a more extensive list by clicking here.

It’s important to note that parent coaches are not therapists although some of them might have been in the past (like myself) or may also offer therapeutic services (which I do not). There are a lot of differences between therapy and coaching. The main thing to remember is that parent coaches do not diagnose or treat mental illness. If you are working with a parent coach and they suspect that you or your child may need more intensive services, they will refer you to a mental health professional.


If you or your child is currently involved in therapy, you may still be able to work with a parent coach. This will depend on several different factors. You must be working on completely different goals in therapy and coaching. Your therapist and coach must be able to communicate. Your therapist must agree that you or your child is at a place where coaching will be beneficial and will not hinder the therapeutic process. Therapy will always take precedence over coaching. If you or your child ever disclose abuse or suicidality, coaching will be placed on hold until you complete therapy.

Parent coaching can be extremely effective. I have seen kids go from throwing major knock-down, drag out, 3-hour long tantrums to being able to accept limits and frustrations in as little as 2 months. I have helped parents increase confidence in their skills and regain enjoyment in their relationships with their children. 


If you are having trouble in any aspect of your parenting journey, remember you don’t have to do it alone. Check out Parent Coaching Services with Leanne Pilgrim to find out how. Click here to schedule your FREE consultation!