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Welcome to KidLogic Labs! My name is Leanne Pilgrim and I want to be your personal parent coach.


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So, what exactly is a parent coach? A parent coach is someone that helps you identify goals for your family and works to help you reach those goals. Click here find out more about parent coaching and to see if parent coaching is right for your family! A good parent coach has extensive experience working with children and families but not all parent coaches are created equal! Click the ‘About Leanne Pilgrim’ to find out more about why I am the best choice for all your parent coaching needs. Like what you see? Click ‘Schedule’ to get the ball rolling!



KidLogic Labs’ mission is to help parents learn ways to manage their children through difficult developmental stages or disruptive behaviors. If you have a difficult child or are dealing with tantrums, lying, rule-breaking, or defiance then you are in the right place! KidLogic Labs offers a variety of services including parent coaching and informative blog posts to give you the help you need — click on ‘Parent Coaching Services’ at the top of the page and/or keep scrolling to find out more.

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs out there. You’re constantly worried that you’re doing something wrong or second guessing yourself. You may even get shamed for your parenting choices by friends or family that say they have your best interests in mind. While the constant stream of advice may be welcomed by some parents, it can leave others feeling insecure or judged.  I’m here to tell you that your children don’t need you to be perfect - they just need YOU.

You are the expert on your family. Every child is different and what works for one family may not work for another. This is why KidLogic Labs provides you with information you need to make choices that will work for your particular family. So relax. Breathe. You’re doing just fine. And together we will raise a generation of strong, healthy, and happy children.

KidLogic Labs gives parents the tools they need to inspire, encourage, and empower their children to reach their fullest potential.



KidLogic Labs inspires parents and children to think outside of the box to create strong and meaningful relationships.



KidLogic Labs encourages parents and children to try new things when the old ones no longer serve a purpose.



KidLogic Labs empowers parents and children through positivity, patience, and open-mindedness.


Parents have the biggest influence on a child’s life. If they are given the right tools they can shape their children into happy and healthy adults.

Leanne Pilgrim  |  Founder/Parent coach


KidLogic Labs’ Philosophy

KidLogic Labs takes an evidence-based approach to understanding children, disruptive behaviors, and the parent-child relationship and puts it in a way that is easy for you to understand. I believe that children are like little scientists; they constantly come up with hypotheses about the world around them and test them on a daily basis. They develop their hypotheses based on what they are taught and how the adults in their lives respond to different things they do or say.

What KidLogic Labs Offers


Parent Coaching.

Live in-home parent coaching sessions are offered in Western KY (Murray, Mayfield, Benton, Paducah). Parent coaching sessions are also provided via Skype, phone, and text for those of you outside of the service area! Click the ‘Parent Coaching Services’ tab for more detailed information!


Parenting Blog.

My blog covers a variety of topics that help parents cope with difficult developmental stages and promote healthy parent-child relationships. Feel free to click ‘Contact’ if you have any parenting questions or would like a specific topic to be addressed in my blog and I will work it in as soon as I can!



KidLogic Labs will be releasing a series of videos that use science experiments to explain emotional and behavioral concepts to children in the Spring of 2020. If you have a child between the ages of 6-12 who would like to participate on camera and you live in Western KY (Murray, Mayfield, Benton, Paducah) click ‘Contact’ and let me know you’re interested!


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